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Dispatch: Schmid Heading Out

December 9, 2008

Shawn Mitchell remarked that Sigi Schmid would be in town tomorrow. Schmid will apparently be heading right back out of town. Mitchell is now reporting that the Crew and Schmid are unable to reach terms on a new contract. The long rumored move is about to happen as Schmid is set to head to Seattle (probably).

I am disappointed that Mr. Schmid could not be retained. His record speaks for itself. He resurrected a team that was in dire straits and rebuilt it into a championship side. I will always respect him for that. He is driven to be the best. He has proven that everywhere he has been.

I have read people blaming Mark McCullers or the Hunt Sports Group, but I don’t think the blame lies there. McCullers managed the situation as well as can be expected with a coach that had missed the playoffs for two seasons in a row.. HSG might have done a better job of working with Schmid and his agent, but ultimately I feel that Sigi wanted out. He wanted to be closer to home and wanted to get paid. Seattle meet both criteria. Sigi Schmid is no longer the coach of the Crew because he did not want the job anymore.

Good luck Sigi in your future endeavors (except facing a certain yellow soccer team).

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