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Robert Warzycha Named Crew Head Coach

December 22, 2008

I had a little bit of time to stop by the (very) brief press conference this afternoon learn the answer to MLS’s second worst kept secret (after Sigi to Seattle). Mark McCullers named Robert Warzycha the head coach of the Columbus Crew. Coach Warzycha seems to keep things close to the vest, but he had to pause a couple of times during his speech as he was overcome with emotion. You can tell it means alot to run the team that he has been a part of since 1996. He really did not say much in response to how he will run out the team. Of course there shouldn’t be much to change on the MLS Champions.

One thing I will note, he is not Sigi. He does not have the legacy that the big man has. All of this really should go without saying. I expect there will be a few rough patches for him as he grows into his new role, but I have every expectation that he will rise to the challenge and succeed. I look forward to how he deals with the loss of Brad Evans, a Schelotto who will be another year older, and the possible loss of Defender of the Year Chad Marshall. Good luck, Robert.

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