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Noorzai’s Bid Over

February 7, 2009

Mark Noorzai’s bid for a minority stake in the Crew has ended. Noorzai had been looking to simultaneously bring an MLS team to Las Vegas and pick up a piece of the Crew. In the time the bid was announced in late September and the an anonymous comment by Hunt Sports Group that the effort was dead this week, the entire economy has been shaken by repeated bad news. These shocks have effectively killed Noorzai’s forays into MLS team ownership; even if he isn’t admitting it.

Whatever he and his ownership group were planning to do with their piece of the Crew was unclear. It could certainly be seen that the Crew were a prime candidate to move to a new city, but a lot has changed with the Crew during the months the bid became public as well. There is a vocal fan base, the team has a higher profile in the city (slightly), and they proved they were the best team in the league last year by winning the Supporter’s Shield and winning MLS Cup (in front of hundreds of Crew diehard fans who made the trip).

Ultimately, the bid underscored the desire of the fan base to get local ownership involved in the Crew. I would welcome a local owner involved in the Crew, but I also feel comfortable with Hunt Sports Group and Clark Hunt. After getting to meet Mr. Hunt out in L.A., I feel he is connected to the Crew and wants to build a long history with the team and the City. I just hope my instinct is right.


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