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Mudding Off the Table at Crew Stadium

March 27, 2009

It may rank below keeping Schelotto or Marshall, but the Dispatch reported the news Crew fans have also been waiting for. The Ohio Expo Center has $5 million burning a hole in their figurative pockets to fix the parking lots surrounding Crew Stadium. The Crew are already floating the idea of paving everything directly west of the stadium and improving the drainage of sites to the south.

McCullers danced around the issue in Monday’s fan forum. He said that it was certainly a big sticking point at the site and it was a top priority to get that fixed. I guess that the U.S. v Mexico parking fiasco was the final straw. All of the lots around the stadium were unusable and people had to walk from over a mile away to get to the stadium. Too many situations like that and the Crew would lose out on National Team games and vital concert revenue.

The project would begin after the season and take two years. I am not sure how that works out, bridges and buildings are built in less time. However, anything that reduces the need for tow trucks to get out of the lot is a great thing.

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