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Game 2: Grades

March 30, 2009

Hesmer – 6: Played well, wasn’t tested too much. I am not convinced that he was at fault at all for the goal. He did not expect Padula to sky his header.

Zayner – 6: He played within himself. He forced a few too many passes. He stayed back more and did not get involved with the offense.

O’Rourke – 7: Solid on the back line. He pairs well with Marshall.

Marshall – 8: The leader of the defense and one of the best players on the field. European teams better take note.

Padula – 6: He had some shaky moments especially on the ball, but played solidly. The own goal was a unfortunate fluke.

Gaven – 7: He got into dangerous positions several times and should have had a goal in the first half.

Carroll – 6: Played DeRosario very well. He was not able to spark the offense as much though.

Ekpo – 6: Was active and looked to dribble more than pass. Not quite clicking with Carroll yet.

Grendi – 5: He played a tenacious if unspectacular game. Got forward a couple of times, but really wasn’t a threat offensively.

Schelotto – 8: He may look even better than last year.

Garey – 5: Could not hold up the ball or track down passes to really set the offense.

Elenio – 5: Played a pretty good game in relief of Grendi. Perhaps may get the start on Thursday.

Lenhart – 5: Needs to work on how to control his physical play. Gets too many cheap fouls against.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto: He doesn’t look like he is in his mid thirties. The man is a marvel and a joy to watch.

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