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Pregame 4: Crew @ Chivas USA

April 5, 2009

A poor start can turn into a lost season quickly. The Crew will want to get three points tonight if at all possible to get back on track. The good news is that most of the players who have been out should be back. A near full strength Crew team should have enough firepower to pick up a win on the road.

Crew on Offense: Back to basics, build from the back rather than dump it forward. This means the defense has to look towards the midfield when under pressure. Carroll and Ekpo must be that link and be the safety valve. For the 10 minutes the Crew did this on Thursday, the game was pretty balanced. This leads to opportunities for Rogers, Schelotto, and Gaven to push the ball forward towards goal. The possession game is key.

Crew on Defense: The midfield failed to hold up the ball on Thursday. Salt Lake could counter with ease. Marshall and company were under siege throughout the game. Marshall was able to hold up under pressure, but Zayner and Padula were caught out several times and O’Rourke couldn’t cope with the speed. Zayner probably needs to sit and Iro may make a start in central defense. Chivas is not as fast as Salt Lake and the extra experience would be helpful.

Final Thought: The game after a blowout is always a test. How will the team respond. I don’t think Hesmer will have such a bad game, but I still wonder how well Ekpo and the midfield will perform. That is ultimately the key

Crew 1 – Chivas USA 1

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