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Change Needed; Change Coming

April 9, 2009

The Crew have gotten off to an awful start and hope to change that against Colorado on Saturday. The Crew defense is suddenly very porous and the offense is stuck in neutral. With the Crew stuck in a slump and still suffering from injury issues, the Crew have to shuffle the lineup once again. A couple of articles hint at some of the changes that the Crew might make for the game.

Adam Moffat may make his return to the lineup in place of Ekpo. It’s no secret that Ekpo has not meshed well with Brian Carroll. Ekpo has not sparked the offense and Carroll has been shaky this season. I like this in theory, but Moffat is probably not ready for a full 90 minutes and may not even be ready for 60 minutes of action. His only action was 45 minutes against a college team.

Ekpo’ may need to shift to the right because Robbie Rogers is still having problems with his hamstring. Ekpo looked better on the wing, he has speed and one on one skill to make something happen offensively. I am a little disappointed that Rogers seemed to be playing injured. That looked to be a risk not worth taking since it is so early in the season.

Chad Marshall still may play this week. That would mean that he has shaken off the effects of the blow to the head that he took last Sunday, but it still looks like Hejduk is suffering from hamstring issues. I am concerned how often Warzycha seems to push the envelope with injured players. I hope that is not the case with Moffat, Rogers, Hejduk, or Marshall.

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