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Game 4: Grades

April 9, 2009

Hesmer – 6: Mostly solid, couldn’t do much to stop shots from 6 yards out.

O’Rourke- 5: Pulled all over the field. He was in the center of the box when Mayen setup the first goal.

Iro – 4: He scored a goal, but was shaky defensively and had one of the worst tackles I have seen in a while to earn a red card.

Marshall – 6: Not his best game, but still a cut above most on the back line.

Padula – 5: Solid game, but I am concerned about his lack of speed.

Gaven – 5: Best when he could get into the open field, but was slow to rotate on the first goal.

Carroll – 5: He certainly looks like he does not work well with Ekpo.

Ekpo – 4: Still running around without making things dangerous. Looked slightly better on the right.

Rogers – 5: Looked injured out there. He did not have his speed.

Schelotto – 6: Put in some good dead balls, but could not spark the offense.

Moreno – 5: Unable to hold up play. Suffered from a lack of service.

Oughton – 5: Settled the midfield and allowed Ekpo to head out wide.

Lenhart – 4: A bruising force without adding skill.

Zayner – NR: Not enough time to rate.

Crew Man of the Match – : This team needs someone to step up.

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