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Game 5: Grades

April 14, 2009

Hesmer – 6: Solid game, couldn’t do much on the goal and made the saves he needed to.

Zayner – 6: Much improved as he was solid on the right. Colorado was ineffective on the wings.

O’Rourke – 6: Bad mistake on the goal, but worked well with Brunner for much of the night.

Brunner – 6: Battled all night and didn’t pay for his big mistake. Great debut.

Padula – 7: Best game of the year as he locked down the left.

Gaven – 6: Very good two way work. He had another great shot, but is still looking for his first goal.

Carroll – 6: Solid game, he looked much better with Moffat beside him.

Moffat – 6: Nice return. He played that great box to box game that makes him so valuable.

Ekpo – 6: Great work on the assist. Looked much better on the wing where he could use his speed.

Schelotto – 8: Looked great pulling the strings.

Moreno – 6: Held up the ball and made all the right runs to set up the Crew offense.

Oughton – 5: Put in good work ,but looks a step too slow.

Lenhart – 6: He was an instant spark, just missing with two chances.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto: He looks even better than last year, if that is possible.

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