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Notes on a Heartbreaking Tie

April 26, 2009

Even Schellotto Couldn't Stop Another Tie (Fahmi - Studio 79)

My recap of last night’s game is up at Columbus Underground. I have a few more notes about last night’s game:

  • Frankie Hejduk is expected to be back for next week’s game in Toronto, but Will Hesmer  probably won’t be.
  • Moffat’s injury is another in a rough season. With how Hejduk’s and Rogers’ has healed, I would expect he will be out for a couple of weeks at least.
  • Warzycha did not think a change of tactics are needed yet. He sees the play is pretty positive and the Crew are still scoring goals. If the poor results continue then maybe he will switch up the tactics.
  • With O’Rourke moving to central midfield when Moffat went out, it seems like Warzycha shares my opinion that the current formation needs a more defensive central midfield pairing. I don’t think Ekpo is going to get another shot there.
  • I did hear a rumor that Blanco tried to give his jersey to the refs, very odd if true (stressing the IF TRUE part).

I will try to have post game audio up later today. Still working out the kinks with the multimedia.

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