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Tossed Out

April 28, 2009

I was still a little surprised to see the reports that Blanco tossed is jersey to Jair Marrufo after Saturday’s game. I have no doubt that an exchange happened. A handful of Crew staff were saying they saw the exchange right after the game in the locker room. It was too odd to make up. While Mitchell’s report says that Blanco tossed the jersey into the room, I heard there was a handoff. Either way this is sensational stuff.

Luis Arroyave is reporting the investigation is of Marrufo and that Blanco is in the clear. I don’t think anything will come of this. It is awfully hard to prove any bad intent by any party. Marrufo had a poor game on Saturday even without the red card to Gino Padula and the “jersey toss” incident will only further tarnish his reputation (if MLS refs have reputations left to tarnish).

Mitchell also notes the Crew are trying to get the red card and fine rescinded. I would be surprised if the league actually does that. While other leagues may note referees make mistakes, I cannot recall MLS ever rescinding a card like this. The disciplinary committee could easily say that Padula’s leg was extended and his boot was up and that is enough to draw the red card.

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