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Game 6: Grades

April 29, 2009

Gruenebaum – 6: Stepped up and played the game he needed to. I know he believes he should have stopped one on the goals, but I don’t see how.

O’Rourke – 6: Played in 3 different positions and was solid in each. He could have helped out more on McBride’s goal.

Brunner – 6: Solid, but left more than enough space for McBride to have a wide open header from 6 yard out. I think he may be ready to pass Iro on the depth chart.

Marshall – 7: He is still the best defender in MLS and a potent offensive force.

Padula – 6: The red was certainly harsh and the Fire did not have much going on with him on the left.

Gaven – 5: I still keep expecting more from Eddie, but he is not making an impact on the offensive end. The Crew need good wing play.

Carroll – 6: The Fire were not much of a threat as he hung to Blanco and the Fire players in the middle and shut down their offense.

Moffat – 6: Not as influential as last week and now faces another layoff due to injury.

Ekpo – 5: Needs to be a more consistence offensive threat. He has been unable to really harness his speed and break the shape of opposing defenses.

Schelotto – 7: His drive to win is amazing to watch. He is on the top of his game offensively and really put in the work on the defensive end when Padula was sent off.

Moreno – 7: I am just going to call his goal “a Moreno goal”. He never gave up and it paid off. He also did pretty good work in midfield when the Crew shuffled after the red card.

Zayner – 6: Another fairly solid outing on the right. Was in decent position to stop Nyarko’s cross, but just couldn’t get a leg in.

Rogers – 6: Still looks slow compared to last year. Really could not provide the outlet that the tem needed when bunkered in.

Lenhart – NR: Not enough time to rate.

Crew Man of the Match – Marshall: Chicago was out of ideas with him in the middle. He has developed into quite the goal scorer. Get him to the national team, NOW!

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