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Senn Match a Success

May 6, 2009

Over 2000 people saw the Conner Senn match yesterday. The best news is that the Conner Senn Memorial Fund is fully endowed. $160,000 was turned over to the University for a Scholarship in Senn’s name. That wasn’t the only good news on the night. The Crew finally got a win, the team is getting healthy, and the players look very eager to prove they are champions.

  • The Crew’s starting lineup was a mix of reserves and guest players. The goal came off a Grendi corner kick that Kevin Burns redirected to Steve McCarthy in the 13th minute.
  • I was impressed by Burns. He played well in the middle, playing a couple of good passes.
  • The starters turned up the heat for the last 30 minutes. Lining up in a 4-4-2, Gaven patrolled the middle, Ekpo did a lot of damage on the right wing, Moreno was fighting for every ball and barking (a little) at the ref.
  • Ekpo’s goal was another sweet piece of ball work. He
  • Hejduk is ready to go. He showed no problems running up and down the wing.
  • Noonan still looks a step slow. He may need to round into match sharpness, he still did get a goal from a nice layoff from Moreno.
  • I was struck at how hard the first team played. They really played an up tempo game once the first string was on the field.
  • Last note, I thought it was a truly fitting tribute to see Danny O’Rourke playing in a #22 – Senn jersey. This game means a great deal to him.
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