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Pregame 8: Wizards @ Crew

May 9, 2009

The Crew are still in search of their first win and there is a very good chance that it will happen tonight. The Crew are getting much more healthy. Captain Frankie Hejduk should be back; marking the second time this season the Crew will have all defensive starters on the field. The offense is starting to look really dangerous and Kansas City has been an up and down and is coming off a midweek game against Kansas City.

Crew on Offense: I was impressed with the work that Eddie Gaven did in the middle. I think he is a great option there when Moffat is out. He gets in great positions offensively and will do the required work defensively. In addition to Gaven’s great work last week, Ekpo looked much more comfortable on the right wing. Rogers is starting to get healthy, Schelotto is in fine form, and Moreno can score goals. This is a team that has too many weapons; the goal barrage will come.

Crew on Defense: Finally! Everyone is healthy. Hejduk is coming back on the right and Padula is ready on the left. This will certainly help shore up a defense that has given up four tying goals this year. Hejduk is a tremendous player and leader. He will provide a bite that the backline has lacked.

I also see Gaven and Carroll forming a good pairing defensively. Carroll is so smooth, but he needs a partner who will get into the right spaces. Gaven can do that. Toronto’s midfield was stymied against the Crew midfield. I expect that Kansas City’s will have similar issues.

Final Thoughts: I really think this is the game the Crew put it all together.This team is getting healthy and starting to really play some great games. Frankie means so much to the team. I really expect to see the team get a lift from his presence back in the lineup.

I could see an edge in the team when they took on OSU on Tuesday. This team is tired of losing. They played a very up tempo game against college kids and really took the game to them. There was no holding back. The wizards will present more of a challenge, but I still expect to see a Crew win.

KC 1 – Crew 2

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