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The Winds of Change?

May 16, 2009

Yes, a day late, but Bob Hunter’s Rumblings column yesterday noted the Crew are looking to possibly shake things up before the roster freeze in a month in a half. Hunter directly commented about the bench warming Pat Noonan. Noonan makes a lot of money to sit the bench. So news that the Crew is at least looking at offers.

The other, much more speculative, rumor was the possibility that Alejandro Moreno would be on the way out because Warzycha likes speedy forwards. I would love to see a speedier forward to track down the balls played forward, but I don’t see this happening anytime soon. If Moreno were shipped out, that would really make this Warzycha’s team.

Even if the Crew don’t make any moves, there will probably be changes coming up for next year. Rogers, Ekpo and Marshall will also draw interest from European teams. Schelotto may want to retire. This will be a team in need of some shuffling. As difficult as Warzycha’s tests have been this year; next year is looking to really test his skills.

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