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Game 9: Notes

May 18, 2009

My game review is up at Columbus Underground. A few other notes:

  • I hoped the team was over coughing up late leads. The Crew looked so tight over the last 10 minutes; a late tying goal looked inevitable.
  • I am not really sure if Gruenebaum could have stopped that shot. Lewis just hit it well.
  • Rogers quote about tired legs is interesting. Warzchya subbed 3 times in the last 10 minutes to try to bring on fresh legs, but I am wondering if it was too late. It takes a player a few minutes to get in the game and maybe subbing in a little earlier may help.
  • I am really interested to see if Brunner or Iro has a real chance to unseat O’Rourke in the defense. O’Rourke has made several blunders this year that have really hurt the team. His second yellow yesterday was plain dumb.
  • Between Brunner and Iro, I would much rather see what Brunner can do. He looks far more mobile of the two.
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