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Game 9: Grades

May 20, 2009

Gruenebaum – 6: I don’t blame him for the goal. He wasn’t tested too much and did not really make too many mistakes.

Hejduk – 6: He got a little too aggressive at times, but solid on the right.

O’Rourke – 3: The first card was a professional foul, the second yellow was just dumb. He might have to worry about his job soon.

Marshall – 6: A solid, no frills game in the middle of the defense.

Padula – 5: He always looks like he is just hanging on sometimes on the left.

Ekpo – 5: Not as explosive as past games.

Carroll – 6: The Galaxy couldn’t do anything in the middle of the field.

Gaven – 6: His finish was awful, but he and Carroll stifled the Galaxy offense.

Rogers – 6: Still seems like he is not 100%, but he still got into a couple dangerous positions. The Crew could use a full strength Robbie.

Schelotto – 7: Nothing was going to happen on offense, so he made something happen. Just like Moreno’s goal against Chicago.

Moreno – 6: Worked himself into great positions, but really didn’t have great chances on goal.

Oughton – NR: Only a few minutes of time, but I would much rather see Moffat running around out there.

Noonan – NR: The only time he made an impact, he was turning the ball over.

Brunner – NR: Not much to rate him on.

Crew Man of the Match – Schelotto: When the rest of the Crew seemed to be sleepwalking through the game, Guille was always dangerous. The goal was another outstanding heads up play.

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