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Game 11: Grades

June 2, 2009

Gruenebaum – 6: was beaten by a fantastic volley. Apparently didn’t see the back pass but handled the resulting free kick well.

Zayner – 5: Was picked on by Seattle, but held up well enough.

Brunner – 6: Showing very good skill in filling in on the back line.

Marshall – 6: The Sounders offense couldn’t do much in the middle of the field.

Padula – 5: Good opening half, but faded badly in the second.

Ekpo – 5: Had a good chance in the first half, but also had a worse 2nd half. Still he did well to get under the skins of half the crowd. Brought a smile to my face.

O’Rourke – 7: Outstanding in the middle. Great pass on the first goal to spring Noonan Zayner made the pass. Seattle quickly started looking towards the wings.

Gaven – 5: Did not work well with O’Rourke next to him and Noonan in front.

Rogers – 6: He is getting closer to being in First XI form, not quite there yet.

Noonan – 6: What a cross. He did fade out of the game after that though. More game time should help that.

Moreno – 6: Great energy on the goal.

Schelotto – 6: Made an immediate impact on the game, first shot had to be parried over by Keller.

Lenhart – 5: He was high energy, but he apparently was not caught throwing an elbow a Tyrone Marshall.

Oughton– NR: Can’t rate 30 seconds.

Crew Man of the Match – O’Rourke: Needed to step up big to fill Carroll’s shoes and did. What a performance.

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