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Won’t Back Down

June 4, 2009

There has been a lot of conversation about the recent ultimatum from the Crew to the Nordecke. I am still not sure what the end result will be, but it is now very apparent that General Manager Mark McCullers knows exactly what is at stake. The Nordecke is a big part of the Crew’s image, but he is not liking what he sees.

It is clear that he is taking a hard line against the obscene chants and anything else that dents the Crew’s image. He is very clearly saying that the team is bigger than (a small subset) of the supporters groups. He has a brand to manage and having cursing coming out of the corner is damaging that brand.

I certainly see his point; I also see the offending chants as tired and in need of replacement. I am still hopeful that this situation will be resolved without incident, but it is now apparent McCullers will do what is necessary to protect the (family friendly)  image of the Columbus Crew in the community. If that means taking a heavy hand to the supporters section; that’s what he will do.

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