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Game 13: Notes (Another Try)

June 16, 2009

The Crew came from behind with a 2-1 win off of two Schelotto goals, just a few notes about what I saw.

  • After the game, Warzycha played down Schelotto’s role noting that another player may have scored five goals in his role. I don’t see that player on the team. MLS writers obviously disagreed as well as Schelotto earned a Player of the Week nod. Schelotto was obviously the spark, but there were other that really made their mark.
  • The now traded Pat Noonan was solid, but really did not have the game you expect out of a top player.
  • Lenhart had a very good game. He was in control of his body and did not too foul and held up the ball well. Warzycha called it “a natural progression” as he got more playing time. I think his performance sealed Noonan’s fate.
  • Warzycha claimed Ekpo’s substitution was a defensive move, but then he also mentioned it was because he couldn’t play wing as the team shifted to a 3-5-2. I guess I didn’t notice the change in the second half, but that would explain Zayner’s very good two way play in the second half.
  • Preki refused to blame Chivas USA’s poor second half on two consecutive road games, but it is hard to ignore a Wednesday game in the heat of Houston and a day game on a sunny Columbus afternoon. He said “it is something that I will address (with the players)”
  • Carey Talley claimed he was fouled on Schelotto’s first goal, going back to the tape you can see the little Argentine hold off his defender with his left forearm. The ref was never going to see that, more veteran savvy.
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