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All Downhill

June 22, 2009

I did not get a chance to write about the changes in fan behavior at the Chivas USA. The Nordecke was a little less crowded and on pretty good behavior. Yesterday, I did happen to catch a letter to the editor in yesterday’s Dispatch on fan behavior outside of the corner.

The writer comments on the poor behavior of Crew fans to opposing supporters. I am not sure what hurtful comments were directed at the letter writing Chivas fan. I can understand a few verbal jabs can expected but I am fed up with people thinking they can toss stuff at people. I do feel bad for Ms. Cortes experience at the stadium. I have seen the flipside from what this fan wrote. I have seen opposing fans get along just fine, even heavily latin fanbases of  Chivas USA and the Fire’s Cuauhtemoc Blanco. I hope these are more isolated incidents than a pattern.

The letter prompted this response from Sports Editor Ray Stein:

Heidi: The coarsening of the American sports fan is one of the unfortunate realities of the 21st century. I blame ESPN, which I blame for just about everything. Give her space, you Crew monsters.

Editor’s note before the upcoming rant: I love that the Dispatch is devoting two or three people to the Crew at times. They are showing dedication to the sport of soccer where other markets are drying up.

OK, rant on: I hope Mr. Stein was attempting some humor there, because I would love to see this mythical golden age of his youth where fans were always polite and cordial to everyone. I also like the cheap shot at ESPN. I have little love for the “world wide leader of sports”, but they are serving a market. I am sure they would have been on sooner if cable was around in the 50s and 60s. As far as the “Crew Monsters” swipe, name calling is a great way to get your point across, even if in jest, because I am sure many are not taking it that way. Thanks for raising the level of discourse.

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