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Marshall and Rogers Heading to Gold Cup

June 25, 2009

Defender Chad Marshall and winger Robbie Rogers were called up to the US National Team today for the Gold Cup. Both players will join the team before the opening game on July 4th. Marshall marks a return to the team for the first time since 2005. Rogers has one cap, earning it earlier this year.

The Crew will have to shift around their lineup again. Eric Brunner can provide excellent cover for Marshall, but I am wondering who will replace Rogers in the lineup. Gaven would be a good choice, but would be missed in central midfield. The Crew really don’t have depth there with Moffat still out. Cory Elenio and Alex Grendi could fill in on the wing. Another interesting option is to slot Alejandro Moreno on the wing. He has played a few minutes on the left in the closing minutes of games a couple of times this year. This is probably a time when Pat Noonan would have been useful. I think the team will just slot in one of the younger players on the wing. Look for Grendi to get the call.

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