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June 28, 2009

The Dispatch had a letter to the editor last week that included the musings of editor Ray Stein. I thought his comments were “tongue in cheek” at best; doltish at worst. I guess I should have assumed the worst as he follows up on a letter by Mike Blankley aka “Hard Hat Mike”.

I know everyone has an opinion, but I really wonder about an editor who purposely derides a sport that his paper covers. He picks out a nice strawman regarding this week’s National Team victory against Spain and the comparison to the Miracle on Ice to decide that he would would not like to be a part of that “club”. I guess that “club” is being a soccer fan.

I don’t think anyone is asking him to join in on the experience that is soccer fandom; I think people just expect a little balance from the editor. The Dispatch and a lot of other news outlets are covering the sport because it is something that people are interested in. The Crew has a following in town and soccer is a solid spectator sport in this country.

Coverage is getting better in both the mainstream media and soccer specific outlets. It’s not the misunderstood niche sport of the past. It is not the big time that is football or baseball, but it’s big enough that you can’t paint it’s fans with such a broad brush like Mr. Stein does. Mr. Blankley asks a good question, I am still waiting for an answer.

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