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Odds and Ends

July 2, 2009

Short weeks’ are always killer at work, less time for blogging.

I did listen to the Open Cup game on Tuesday, but have a very hard time caring about the Crew losing to Rochester. As a fan, I love Open Cup games and would love to see the Crew win, but I put it below the league season and the Champions League. I remember asking Warzycha at the beginning of the season how he would handle all of the games this year, he was non committal, I think we know that the Open Cup is at the bottom of the list.

There were two notes about Guillermo Barros Schelotto. Steven Goff reported that Guille is in demand back in Argentina, but would rather stay with the Crew for this season and beyond. Outstanding news for the Crew and my secret dream that Schelotto may stay stateside after he is done playing the game. I would love to see him prowling the training ground grooming younger players. I guess if he returns to Argentina, he could always send an up and coming player to the Crew.

In other Guille news, he was named Player of the Month for June. Great recognition for one of the best players to play in MLS.

Columbus Crew Vs SJ

June MLS Player of the Month - Guillermo Barros Schelotto (Fahmi/Studio79)

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