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Postgame 16: Minutes to Spare

July 6, 2009

The (horribly late) post match write up is up over at Columbus Underground. Not much to add to a dismal Crew game this weekend. I was away on holiday, between the travel and the job, I have not had too much time to write about Saturday’s game. A few things I did see:

  • The midfield is a shambles when O’Rourke and Carroll play together. That defensive paring cannot hold possession.
  • I like Gaven in the middle much better than the wings, but he has looked subpar for almost a month now. It doesn’t matter if he is outside or inside. He needs to play quicker and more decisively.
  • Andy Iro looked awful and was rightfully subbed at halftime. He is coming off a long layoff, but I have not been his biggest fan. Hopefully he can get up to speed soon or else Zayner may be a better fit in central defense.
  • I liked what I saw out of Kevin Burns, not an outstanding performance, but solid. I have been a fan in reserve matches, but he looks like he is putting it together.
  • Warzycha made a confusing choice by putting Iro in, but pulling him out and putting in Lenhart was a good move.
  • The forwards were spaced far from the midfield. It looked like there were no options other than to boot the ball forward for the defense or midfield. Troubling on a day where the Crew couldn’t keep possession.
  • The Crew never found an answer for United’s 5 man midfield.
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