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Au Revoir Robbie?

July 11, 2009

Rogers: the Transfer Target (Fahmi/Studio79)

It looks like European teams are looking at speedy winger Robbie Rogers and the Crew are ready to listen to offers. It may take 2 million dollars to get a transfer done. Robbie has not been shy in his desire to go overseas. He has improved considerably in the two years he has been with the Crew, is now making waves for the U.S. National Team, and is young. A lot of European teams  love his combination of speed, skill, and youth.

His loss would be a big one for the Crew to absorb. He has not made a big impact this year, but that has been due to injuries and now that he is healthy and his speed has returned he can make things happen on the offensive end. I would imagine the Crew are going to listen to offers now so they can cash in on his transfer. He has a year and a half on his contract and his stock is high. This would be an excellent financial return. I also would expect the Crew to look for other wingers that can ease the loss of Rogers, because the team isn’t as deep at his position.

Does the deal get done, I think it will. Rogers had a couple of good performances for the U.S. in the Gold Cup. the profiles of American internationals is very high. Rogers can bask in the reflected glow of the Confed Cup run. He also has a couple of key attributes that teams look for, he’s cheap (relatively) and young.

This would have a big impact on the 2009 Crew. The team does not have the midfield depth it thought it had. Gaven can play on the wing, but he has been needed in the center. If this transfer goes through, the team should have a replacement midfielder ready to slot in to the starting lineup or else the 2009 season is not looking as good.

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