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Postgame 18: Notes

July 20, 2009

Post game is up at Columbus Underground and now on to notes.

  • I was shocked to see Duncan Oughton’s name in the starting lineups. He’s not fast, but he is smart. His calm play helped the Crew on the first and third goals. Quick precise passes without an case of nerves, just what the team needed.
  • The Crew defense is very vulnerable to speed. Brunner and Iro were caught out a couple of times. Padula was beaten by the speed of Salt Lake’s wingers and Hejduk is prone to countering as he pushes up so high.
  • I have seen the Garey/Lenhart combo in practice and reserve matches and they never put in a game like this. They both attributed their good performances to playing as reserves, but Saturday was the first time I saw that kind of understanding.
  • One person that was not impressed by Lenhart was Warzycha. He had seen the striker play better games this year. It was good to see the big striker pick up a goal and an assist, but he noted that Lenhart can and will play better games. I can only imagine it had something to do with his role in setting up the offense.
  • Once again, the Crew had the most success coming off the wings. Oughton and Hejduk created the chance for the first goal, and Gaven did well to cross in the second goal. The central midfield duo of Carroll and O’Rourke will struggle to turn defense to offense.
  • The lack of offense from Carroll and O’Rourke is not to suggest that they had bad games. The defensive duo were very active it trying to limit Salt Lake’s chances. O’Rourke was especially active.
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