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Wants and Needs in the Transfer Market

July 23, 2009

The Crew have been entertaining trialists throughout the month of July and everyone targeted has been a striker. When I look through the roster, I see some weakness at forward, but I keep on coming back to a bigger void in midfield.

Columbus has missed Brad Evans and a healthy Adam Moffatt in the middle of the park. Both are midfielders who can track back but have a nose for offense playing a big role on last year’s team. Danny O’Rourke and Duncan Oughton don’t play a two way game and it shows with the offense moving through the wings or relying on Schelotto to get in the right position.

Perhaps the Crew will be bringing in midfielders later in the transfer window that shuts in less than a month, but with the coaching staff looking at forwards, I have to believe that the team’s shopping list is geared more towards two things, a formation shift or next year.

The Crew currently have three forwards and Schelotto. With a single striker formation, there isn’t much need for an additional forward. Playing time is hard to come by when Schelotto is on the field. I believe these moves are geared towards times that he won’t be able to go. This may mean a shift to the 4-4-2 more often or getting ready for the possible retirement of Schelotto.

I expect it is a little of both. Having more strikers to play during the upcoming Champions League games will ease the need for Schelotto to play all of those games. Having other forwards would give Warzycha the luxury of resting Schelotto more often.

It also appears that Warzycha shares my belief that Guille is irreplaceable in the lineup. The perfect replacement in Pat Noonan was traded and I have never seen anyone sit in that withdrawn that Schelotto loves. Not having the crafty vet really shifts how the Crew lines up.

I understand the logic behind targeting a striker, but I hope the team is looking at a solid two way midfielder to provide some depth and flexibility. Evans is in Seattle and Moffat seems to pick up quite a few injuries. Not having that fulcrum in the center continues to hamper the Crew’s offense.

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