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Game 19: Notes and Grades

July 27, 2009

The team has only one loss since April. It’s true there are a lot of ties in that streak, but I can’t help thinking this team is starting to come together. They fast a couple of tests on the road where they only have one win. Colorado will be a tough game and San Jose can be a trap, it almost was last year. Now to some notes.

  • Lenhart and Garey aren’t the only ones improving their stock. Duncan Oughton has put in two good games and Warzycha has noticed. When asked if Duncan would keep starting, coach responded with “He understands the game very well. He just makes our team that much better. So yes, probably.”
  • Moffat added energy to the game, but don’t look for him to be 90 minutes fit yet. After only working out twice last week, he wasn’t expecting to come into the game. He said he felt ready; just not 90 minutes ready.
  • Iro had a rough game, but I am noticing a trend that opposing offenses are targeting the Crew’s left back Gino Padula. Padula is a step slow, but is very savvy. Toronto’s first goal came from his left side and Chad Barrett had space over there more than once.
  • Eric Brunner is making a case to stay a starter, allowing Danny O’Rourke to spot start where needed. It would be interesting to see Danny pop up in various spots around the field to provide relief down the stretch. Padula has only missed one game this year, Carroll is carrying an injury, and Hejduk is sure to miss time with the national team.
  • Saturday, Warzycha was not optimistic that Schelotto and Moreno would be back for Colorado, but Craig Merz notes today he is playing wait and see with the pair. I would not be surprised to see Moreno play some minutes, but Schelotto held out until San Jose.
  • Carroll has seemed uncharacteristically uneven. Played a great pass to get Lenhart the goal, but he sprayed many of his other passes. A steady as they come, Carroll must be playing in much more discomfort than he lets on.


Hesmer – 6

Hejduk – 7            Iro – 3           Brunner – 5         Padula – 6

Oughton – 6       Carroll – 6     O’Rourke – 7         Gaven –6

Lenhart – 7              Garey – 7

Subs: Ekpo – 7, Moffat – 6

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Erica permalink
    July 30, 2009 7:06 am

    I know I am slow reading. It’s nice to see the grades back, but where’s your man of the match?

  2. Double entendre permalink
    August 10, 2009 8:54 am

    Ooh, who is Erica?

    I could say something about the “man of the match” but we’ll just leave it be.

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