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Renteria Wants Crew, Crew Interested…

August 3, 2009

Emilio Renteria, the 24 year old striker from Venezuela has been eyeing the Crew and it sounds like he will land in Columbus sometime in the couple of weeks. Not tall, but quick and strong, he may be the missing link that the Crew have been looking for.

The Crew may have had a vision of what they are getting this past weekend. Rapids forward Omar Cummings was a handful as he had a balance of speed and strength to to pull apart the defense. It would be a coup for the Crew if Renteria is anything like Cummings.

I am excited to think what Renteria promises to bring to the team. He would be invaluable at the end of a game needing a goal or even holding a lead, gliding past the defense, holding up the ball. This would certainly solidify the striker position. The downside is limited as he would probably stick around for the rest of the season while the Crew’s proven forwards continue to make a difference.

If he does come to town, I will certainly try to get to Obetz to check him out. He sounds like a player eager to impress on a team with plenty of games to make a difference.

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