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Injury Bug Still Biting

August 6, 2009

The Crew head west without captain Frankie Hejduk and team leader Guillermo Barros Schelotto. It certainly sounds like Schelotto could have played last week if needed, but when the wins keep coming he will keep sitting. This appears to be a little bit of the late summer rest that Guille has gotten the past couple of years.

It also looks like Frankie Hejduk will miss the game out west and won’t be heading down to Azteca next Wednesday for the US v. Mexico game. Hejduk just turned 35 and I wonder if the famous fitness freak is starting to wear down. Multiple muscle injuries in a year are a worrying trend. I don’t doubt his commitment, but I am starting to doubt his body’s ability to respond.

The stalwart right back adds both defensive mettle and offense. There isn’t a perfect replacement on the roster, but the Crew have a committee that can fill in in the short term. Jed Zayner has played well this year and Danny O’Rourke has played well on the right side in the past. It bears watching as the games add up, how the suddenly injury prone Hejduk bounces back.

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