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Islanders @ Crew: Notes

August 20, 2009

Schelotto On the Ball (Fahmi/Studio79)

Schelotto On the Ball (Fahmi/Studio79)

The Crew took care of business and you can look to the moves that Warzycha made as the difference maker. Zayner played a good game, but sacrificing a back for a forward and allowing Schelotto to drift in the middle helped as the Crew could play a little more direct and over the packed midfield.

Steven Lenhart is making big strides. Each game he looks a little more polished and controlled. His headers are much more directed and he is keeping that poachers instinct. He is turning into a player that will be in the league for years to come rather than the marginal squad rookie he was at the end of last season.

Chad Marshall may be the team and league MVP. He looks that good. The defense is a rock (even with the lineup shuffling). He has scored with his head, off of freekicks, and added an assist last night, he passes better than any other defender in the league, and he is sneaky fast. Europe will come calling and he won’t have to trial this time.

Robbie Rogers is another player who is really looking good. His speed and skill allowed him to break the game open in the second half. If Rogers consistently looks like he did early last year, then the Crew will be very hard to beat.

Gaven is really settling into that sub role. He made a real difference going at tired players on the right side. He had several chances to extend the lead before his cross to Moreno. The Crew have a real weapon with a starting caliber winger on the bench for the second half; whether it is Ekpo or Gaven.

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