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Game 23 Notes

September 1, 2009

The postgame wrap up is over at Columbus Underground. Take a check over there for the play by play of the hits that weren’t. So the streak had to come to an end sometime, it’s tough that it happened to be in New York.

    • Moffat is becoming an integral part of the offense. The midfield wasn’t nearly as fluid after he left the game. Linking play broke down and the Crew played long balls at Moreno and Rogers.
    • It’s apparent that Schelotto’s hamstring is still pretty tender. He did not want to run at more than a jog on the New York turf. Hopefully he is better by the time Houston rolls into town.
    • I don’t mind short corner kicks, the Crew have even scored goals off of them. If you are going to execute them, it has to be fast. Make the decision and whip in the cross. The defense was already set when Hejduk lobbed the blocked cross for the Red Bull goal.
    • Garey was underwhelming. He never was a factor in the offense and didn’t even work well with Lenhart. I would not be surprised to see Renteria take his spot in the rotation and he drops to the bottom of the depth chart.
    • Warzycha was apparently happy with the Crew’s play. I find that interesting as there were a couple good chances on offense, but the Crew had trouble as the game went on holding possession and turning that into shots.
    • Speaking of shots, Sam Fahmi brought it to my attention that the Crew forwards don’t do it outside the box. I have to agree, the Crew wait to take that shot in the box. Other teams surely have noticed as defenders give a little space and play off the Crew, making it that much harder to drive past a defender. Renteria is supposed to be a shooter, maybe that will help.

The fluff is out of the schedule and the road is going to get a whole lot harder. September features games against the two best teams out west in Houston and Los Angeles and the 2nd best team in the east as the Crew visit Chicago. With the streak fast disappearing in the rear view mirror, Columbus will need to rise to the occasion and keep getting results or else face the risk of getting dragged back into the playoff fight. A rough September can make for an anxious October

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