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Renteria and Other Training Notes

September 11, 2009

On a beautiful day it was back to work for the Crew. All members of the team, except Andy Gruenebaum, were training with a few guest players mixed in (I did not get their names). Andy was off to the side in training gear, but not working out. No names were on the injury report and everyone will be ready for Sunday.

The team played a closed door scrimmage, but had moved on to crossing and finishing drills by the time practice opened up. No one looked hobbled nagging injuries. Schelotto was alternating between crossing the ball and working on his headers. Marshall and Rogers were working out, showing little hangover from their recent travels.

I did like seeing the team take rebounding drills from outside the 18. The entire team worked on taking shots coming from there touchline. With many of the shooting drills coming from outside the 18 yard box, I hope there may be more of an emphasis on firing off shots from distance and being prepared for the rebound.

As for Renteria, he looked about 5 foot 8 inches and built very very solidly. While I did not get to see him move around, I did get to see his fierce shot. He doesn’t hold back when firing. It was a pleasant surprise when he put these shots consistently on frame from 15 to 18 yards out. If he can do that occasionally during games, he will be a fine pickup.

Target Practice

Ready... Aim... Fire...

I will have a brief conversation with Coach Robert Warzycha up later.

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