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Game 24: Notes

September 15, 2009

Hejduk Was All Over the Field (Fahmi/Studio79)

Hejduk Dives Into Another Tackle (Fahmi/Studio79)

Relive the match with the postgame wrap up over at Columbus Underground. As for the rest of what I saw:

  • I thought the penalty was the correct call; I could also see it go the other way too, but was very surprised when Gonzalez called it. He was uneven at best all game. As for Cameron’s foul, never grab a player in the box, especially one who is prone to go down and has little chance of getting to the ball.
  • Houston coach Dominc Kinnear laid blame squarely at the ref’s feet. Perhaps he changed his mind when he saw a replay, but I doubt it. He also was none too kind towards the “flopping” tendencies of certain Crew players.
  • Houston was quiet in the middle of the field and that is thanks to Carroll and O’Rourke. The duo may not be an offensive powerhouse, but they kept hold of the midfield.
  • Rogers tormented the Dynamo back line in the second half. He probably was good for at least one more goal scoring chance if he stayed in the game, but he picked up a little knock and came out.
  • Schelotto may not have had the best game, but there were several passes that sprung Rogers or Moreno past the defense.
  • Renteria didn’t even make the 18 man roster. I can’t imagine him starting in Costa Rica tomorrow if he hasn’t gotten any minutes yet.


———————Hesmer: 6———————-

Hejduk: 7–Marshall: 7–Brunner: 6—Padula: 6

Gaven: 6—Carroll: 7—O’Rourke: 6—Rogers: 7

——–Schelotto: 6—Moreno: 6——————

Subs: Moffat: 5, Ekpo: 5, Lenhart: 6

Crew Man of the Match: Frankie Hejduk

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