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Game 25 Notes

September 22, 2009

I finally recovered enough from the trip to recap the action over at Columbus Underground. I am most impressed with how the Crew keep taking the best shots from these teams and rarely falter.

  • A couple thoughts about the referee: I am split on the PK. I think Lenhart may have gotten to the ball first and him getting clipped sent him spinning, thuse the resulting scissor kick. I also think Padula should have gotten a red card instead of his yellow in the first half, no matter the time in the game.
  • Warzycha seems to know which strings to pull, the Crew looked like a different team in the 2nd half.
  • The Crew midfield was overrun in the 1st half. Chicago could move the ball at will. The Crew did shift into a 3-5-2 midway in the second half in part to counter that possession edge Chicago had.
  • Robbie Rogers looks a lot like the player he did last year. He is having more good games. He is taking people on and seems confident on the ball.
  • Eddie Gaven is also choosing a good time to have a nice run of form. His play recently makes lineup decisions a little harder. I see him edging out Ekpo right now; all things equal.
  • I wonder if Eric Brunner is hitting the wall physically. He has looked shaky the past month and his play in Chicago was inconsistent at best.
  • Renteria did get a few minutes, but did not seem to get what the coaching staff wanted out of him. I could see the coaches constantly directing him to get more defensive as the game wound down. He also didn’t run like he had just come into a game.
  • I spent 13 hours on a bus in 1 day for 90 minutes of soccer. I am still trying to catch up on my sleep. I feel like a zombie.


———————Hesmer: 6———————-

Hejduk: 7–Iro: 5–Brunner: 4—Padula: 5

Ekpo: 5—Carroll: 5—O’Rourke: 4—Rogers: 7

——–Schelotto: 7—Moreno: 6——————

Subs: Lenhart: 6, Gaven: 6, Renteria: 5

Crew Man of the Match: Schelotto

The Travelling Nordecke (Fahmi - Studio79)

The Travelling Nordecke (Fahmi - Studio79)

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