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Game 28: Notes

October 12, 2009

I haven’t had time for the full post game write-up, but I did get a chance to watch the game. It was nice to lock down the best team in the east spot. Home field advantage is very big for the Crew.

  • Renteria is a heck of a pickup. He has outstanding control and is immovable off the ball. I saw a Revs defender bounce right off of him.
  • Burns continues to impress. He has seemingly passed Adam Moffat on the depth chart. He is a solid defender with an ability to link with the rest of the midfield or forwards.
  • Gino’s first goal was certanily a fluke, but his left foot is a valuable asset on set pieces. I am surprised he hasn’t featured more as a change to Schelotto. Warzycha loves to change things up.
  • Iro and Brunner were extremly solid. They are both quicker than they look and they ate up any long ball into the defense.
  • Gaven, quietly of course, is having a great finish to the season. He has played on the left, right, center of midfield, and even a bit at forward and he has done well. At 23, he finally seems to have overcome his consistency issues.
  • Ekpo shouldn’t have been red carded a yellow would probably be harsh, but he needed to keep his arms down. Even if MLS overturns cards, his will stand.
  • I love seeing Zayner produce. Much like Burns, injuries inturrupeted his development, but there was a reason he was drafted so high.


———————Hesmer: 6———————-

Zayner: 7–Iro: 6–Brunner: 6—Padula: 7

Gaven: 7—Carroll: 5—Burns: 6—Ekpo: 6

——–Lenhart: 6—Renteria: 7——————

Subs:  Moffat: 5, Garey: 5

Crew Man of the Match: Padula

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