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Shopping List: A Massive Season

October 19, 2009

MassiveSeasonI have had a couple days to read the “A Massive Season” by writer Steve Sirk. This is in no way shape or form an unbiased review and if you don’t want to waste time reading any more I will cut to the chase, go buy it now (or wait until the Crew Team shop opens).

If you are expecting Sirk’s “notebooks”, they are in there, but there is so much more to this book. It plumbs the depths of Crew history, looking back to the barren seasons before 2008. It certainly covers the championship season in a way that only he could. Sirk’s writing is filled with the humor and wit that make it funny, but they are also filled with the humanity of the players and the team that made last year so special.

It’s rare to find a writer with a talent to make the text come alive like Steve Sirk does. As I have had the chance to meet and talk to many of the players this year, I think back to how much they are like the people I have read about in the Notebook. I am amazed how much personality translates to the page.

I know in conversations he doesn’t actually consider himself a real journalist, but I am amazed at how much my image of the Columbus Crew has been shaped by Sirk’s Notebooks. “A Massive Season” is truly some of his best work on what was a magical season for the Crew.

For those unable to get to the Crew Team Store, you can also buy it at Amazon.

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