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Two Down Without Breaking a Sweat

October 23, 2009
Shield and Scarf

Crew Earn Shield Number Three

So the Crew wrap up a 2nd Supporters Shield without so much as kicking a ball. With Chivas getting dumped in Chicago, the Crew are the best of the MLS regular season. A couple of things struck me about this, they have a couple of the weakest point totals for a Shield winner, 49 in 2004 and 49 at present with a chance to get to 52 and they now have three Shields.

We will get to the low point totals in a bit, but winning the third shield and the 2nd in a row prompts the question, when did the Crew become one of the class organizations of the league? The Crew’s three Supporters Shields is second only to DC United. They have an Open Cup and an MLS Cup for 5 major trophies. They were the only MLS team to get to the quarterfinals of the Champions League this year.

However, 49 points is not a world beating total. The team was winless in 7 games to start the season. They have lost 2 games this month already. The offense doesn’t always click. The defense is solid, but has slipped up at inopportune times. Injuries have taken their toll. The steamrolling team of 2008 has given way to the very good, but flawed team of 2009.

As it stands right now, the Columbus Crew are the best team in MLS for the 2nd year in a row. Of course, nothing lasts for ever. The playoffs are a crapshoot, expansion drafts suck off talent, and players move on, but for now, this is a team that is the envy of many in the league. The once moribund Crew are proving last year was not a fluke.

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