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Game 30: Notes

October 28, 2009

Goalless again. I had a few prescriptions in my pregame, an Adam Moffat and Guille did spray the ball around, but still no goals.

  • Schoeni played a great game for learning he would start 45 minutes before kickoff, but he chose poorly when setting up the wall on the goal. He screened himself out of the play.
  • Schelotto is looking like he is getting sharper by the minute. I was wondering if he would be able to be ready by the playoffs, looks like he is on schedule.
  • Andy Iro is the weak link on the back line. He kept people onside a couple of times and was wasteful on three headers in the box.
  • Jed Zayner can fill in anywhere in the defense. He played centrally in high school and college and showed he can handle the more physical nature of central defense in MLS. If he’s not protected in the expansion draft, I would take him.
  • Rogers is showing signs of life. He would have had a one on one early if he was able to control a Guille pass.
  • I expect Gaven will get the start in Salt Lake this week. He can make life difficult for a defense on the right side and can finish off a chance if it falls to him.
  • I, however, wonder if Moreno should start. Lenhart and Renteria play the same physical game and are slightly faster. Neither has Moreno’s vision though.
  • Padula played another nice game. He even added a few early crosses, one of which almost led to a goal.


———————Schoeni: 6———————-

Hejduk: 6–Iro: 5–Zayner: 6—Padula: 6

Ekpo: 5—Moffat: 6—Carroll: 6—Rogers: 6

——–Moreno: 5—Schelotto: 6——————

Subs:  Lenhart: 6, Gaven 6, Garey: 5

Crew Man of the Match: Padula

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  1. Missionary permalink
    October 28, 2009 9:27 pm

    Team needs to move GBS into more of an A mid role like last year. I am just not impressed with the current state of the midfield. Alternative if GBS is going to play a high line then Gaven needs to go in the middle so GBS can get service.

    That was a tough game. NE was excellant defensively and the ref gave them a gift.

    • October 28, 2009 9:42 pm

      I would have preferred to see him stay there, but the playoffs are a tough place to make that shift again. Guille will be at forward in the 4-4-2 unless we get behind and move to the 3-5-2.

      I did like Gaven in the middle, but I am not sure it is worth the drop off of having Ekpo out wide. Dropping Guille just a bit and having him paired with Moffat as that linking player would be interesting. It worked early last year, but I see Danny moving back to midfield if Marshall returns.

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