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ECSF Game 1: Notes

November 1, 2009

Warzycha tried to bunker and counter to spring the offense. Well it almost worked. I have the full recap up at Columbus Underground.

The offense looked lost yet again. Schelotto didn’t even get off the bench. I happen to agree with the game plan, but not the execution. The strikers did not play off each other well at all. There was little offensive support from the midfield, especially the defensive minded O’Rourke and Carroll.

  • I know Schelotto is a professional, but I have to wonder how he will take getting benched a playoff game.
  • I did like the shots from the outside of the box. It gives defenders something to think about.
  • The Columbus offense looked pretty good in the first half. They countered effectively and had a couple of chances.
  • Rogers played his best in the first half, he combined well with Lenhart at times.
  • The defensive minded midfield did well to contain
  • The Crew collapsed around the 75th minute. They looked gassed. The midfield was torn to shreds.
  • On that note, Movsysian was a good switch. Warzycha tried to counter with another forward. Doesn’t work if you don’t get service.
  • Three things went wrong on the goal, Hejduk was slow to close down, Brunner was late on Findley, and Hesmer got beat near post. If any
  • Being down a goal and returning home is not a time to panic. RSL has a +23 goal differential at home. They are –15 on the road. Crew are +10 at home, 0 on the road.


———————Hesmer: 5———————-

Hejduk: 5–Brunner: 5–Marshall: 6—Padula: 5

Gaven: 5—O’Rourke: 6—Carroll: 5—Rogers: 6

——–Renteria: 5—Lenhart: 6——————

Subs:  Garey: 5, Ekpo: NR

Crew Man of the Match: Marshall

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  1. Missionary permalink
    November 2, 2009 9:39 am


    you hit the nail on the head.

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