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Warzycha and the Offense

November 2, 2009

So Craig Merz gets the scoop about Robert Warzycha’s offensive game plan and it doesn’t really tell us much more than was already guessed. The Crew hoped to get out of the mountains with a tie, thus the insertion of Lenhart and Renteria to bruise up front. Schelotto’s benching was for tactical reasons and the MVP didn’t like it.

That decision also creates tension on a team that doesn’t need any added distractions. Schelotto is a professional, but could not hide his disappointment at being benched. He looked anxious on Saturday, unable to affect the outcome of the game. This is the worst time to have a sulking star player.

Even more disappointing was the change in style on Saturday night. Warzycha played a defensive game trying to minimize the damage of playing in Utah. I can understand it from a tactical sense, but it still was difficult to watch such a negative display with two holding midfielders and the wide backs being held back more than normal.

It does sound like the Crew will return to form with it’s playmaker taking the field again. Schelotto will try to spring the Crew midfield past the defense while playing off a strong holding striker. Warzycha may be hoping to catch some of his magic from earlier this year on offense, I hope the extra rest and motivation spur Guille into playoff gear.

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  1. Missionary permalink
    November 4, 2009 8:32 pm

    I am guessing there will be more formation silliness thursday night although one would hope you would go with the players and formation that won the MLS Cup. Its probably wishful thinking.

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