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Open Auditions

November 12, 2009

I look at Chad Marshall’s and Robbie Rogers time with the U.S. National Team as open auditions to impress European teams. Both are young and talented players with a chance to play with the National team in games against World Cup quality opponents. It’s no secret that both players would like the chance to head back to Europe.

Marshall trialed in Germany before resigning with the Crew last December. He has added a 2nd consecutive MLS Defensive Player of the Year award and has played with the USMNT in qualifiers this year as well. His stock is at a high point and the Crew might cash in on his value before he leaves when his contract ends as soon as next year.

Rogers probably needs to impress in his time with the National Team more. He had an uneven season and had a solid Gold Cup. Another couple good games would renew some of that interest that he had after his Best XI season in 2008. He appeared to hit the wall in his development at times as he did not have the same confidence to dribble past defenders or the keen shooting ability that he has shown in the past.

With a lot riding on a couple of friendlies, I will be closely watching to see how the two Crew stars do. A good couple of games only helps them move into the picture for the 2010 World Cup and possibly an extended stay overseas.

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