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Rogers the Target of Overseas Clubs

December 26, 2009
Rogers On the Ball

All Eyes on Rogers (Fahmi/Studio79)

Greg Seltzer of No Short Corners noted that FC Twente of the Dutch Eredivisie was scouting Robbie Rogers.

I found out that FC Twente have scouted Crew winger Robbie Rogers, but a source in Enschede told me that isn’t a need for them right now.

That’s not much of a surprise. I would imagine that teams are always keeping an eye on the young winger, but he then went on to say:

That could change for the Tukkers this summer, but it seems a bigger fish elsewhere may also be biting by then. Don’t you really hate me right now this very moment? It’s okay, I do too.

There is not a lot of meat there, but it seems like there may be a race heating up for Rogers. He has just been called into the January National Team camp and still has a decent shot at a trip to South Africa for the World Cup. He has a very good chance of raising his profile even higher. If he has a good spring, the Crew and MLS will have several suitors for his services.

It’s a little interesting when and where Rogers goes; his future is completely in his hands. He’s a starter with the Crew and can create his own opportunities. A World Cup is in his reach with a Best XI spring. If he can produce; he will get that return to Europe that he has been wanting for the last year and a half.

I am also interested in what the Crew will do to cover for his possible loss. The team has Rogers, Ekpo, and Gaven for two spots on the wing. If Rogers leaves, Gaven and Ekpo will be forced to produce. Gaven was steady and dependable last year. He is not flashy, but is a valuable cog to the Crew offense.

The jury remains out on Ekpo. His fitness is suspect and he has shown a shocking inability to use his left foot. With the prospects of moving into a starting role, he will have to play with more consistency or the Crew offense will suffer.

Yet another concern, without Rogers, the Crew are shockingly thin on the flanks beyond Gaven and Ekpo. When Rogers was out last year, Alex Grendi, Jed Zayner, and Adam Moffat all played on the wing at some point. That’s a big drop off with reserves expected to contribute to the offense or forcing players to move out of position.

The MLS Draft will give the first idea of how concerned the Crew are at the idea of losing Rogers. The Crew are already looking for a central midfielder, if they add a winger, Columbus must rate the rumors around Rogers serious enough to start thinking longer term replacements.

A talent like Rogers is hard to replace, planning for that eventuality one of the biggest questions facing the Crew brain trust. I remain very interested in any clues on what direction the team will take.

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  1. Tom R permalink
    December 26, 2009 7:03 pm

    Agreed on all counts. I would think Crew will want to keep Rogers and perhaps find a new club for Ekpo who is over priced in any event. Going to be very tough to find a replacement for Rogers in the draft.

    • December 26, 2009 8:06 pm

      I think Rogers will be gone, either his contract expires or MLS and the Crew get something for him with a transfer. I lean towards getting something. He is a special talent even if he isn’t on form. The Crew won’t replace him from the draft, but remember, Rogers was raw in 2007 and developed into a dangerous player. Giving a rookie a year with Rogers and Schelotto will be invaluable experience.

      The Crew may be able to get something for Ekpo, but I rather have him if Rogers is transferred. I hope that he responds when he gets his chance. His inconsistency is the bane of coaches and fans alike.


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