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New Crew Jerseys (For Women Too)

January 9, 2010

I love new jerseys. I love seeing what gets cooked up so I was very exited when the MLS Adidas catalog was leaked this week. All of the jerseys and team gear in one place. After seeing them though, I was sorely disappointed.

Crew Home

Primary Crew Jersey

First the primary jersey, I like clean lines and symmetry. The lines are clean enough, but I absolutely hate the diagonal lines cutting across the jersey. Simpler is better, this template is busy for no reason. The area around the badge is cluttered with the swooping lines. The whole jersey is a muddled asymmetrical mess. It is another forgettable Adidas design.

Crew - Away

Crew Change Jersey

The change jersey is a little more interesting. I like that the team is to create a different look. The yellow striped jersey from 08-09 was a standout. A striped jersey could be a classic. However, the pinstriping is very faint and most likely won’t be visible from any distance. I don’t care for the contrasting sleeve bands, but it does add a splash of color to a nearly all black jersey. I would have preferred vertical bars to the pin striping.

While the jersey designs underwhelmed, I am impressed that MLS and Adidas are starting to understand their fans a little better. The women’s product lineup now has replica jerseys, t- shirts, and jackets. This is the first time I think that many of these products have been offered. Before this year, the women’s products consisted of a few t-shirts.

I am also impressed that the team and Adidas put a remembrance to Lamar Hunt on the new scarf. It is the exact same logo on the jerseys and on the supporters scarf. That little bit of character helps to overshadow the cookie cutter nature of the scarf.

Crew Scarf

Recognition for a True Original

The new products are a positive change. The stands may be filled with families and many of the supporters are men, but I see plenty of women who, before now, didn’t have much to buy at the team shop. I am glad Adidas and MLS are expanding their horizons.

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  1. chris permalink
    January 9, 2010 1:29 am

    I’m with you here: I hate the new Home Jersey. It’s way too busy, and as my friend Patrick put it: “It’s the same as last year with crazy lines running all over the place.”

    I’m in love with the pinstripes on the Road Jersey, though. It’s just a touch of class that’s befitting a club as Massive as ours.

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