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Draft: 2010 Edition

January 14, 2010

Another January, another MLS Draft. The Crew drafted 5 players and with their track record, I expect one to be an MLS contributor. With their two first round draft picks, they picked up midfielder Dilly Duka and forward Bright Dike. They then finished out with three picks in the fourth round, choosing midfielders Kwaku Nyamekye and Othaniel Yanez and defender Shaun Francis.

I won’t pontificate on the picks or grade the draft. It really hard to say too much about the players. Honestly, I think I may have seen Duka play 60 minutes total in the U-20 World Cup. Dike has a few YouTube clips. Nyamekye, Yanez, and Francis will be struggling to make the roster and I wonder if they will even make it to Columbus for preseason.

I do think the Duka and Dike picks especially show illustrate Warzycha’s thinking. Duka is supposedly raw and may not help for a couple of years. The team depth on the Crew will allow him to develop slowly. Perhaps he is looked as a possible successor for Schelotto. He supposedly has good vision and is skillful with the ball at his feet. If he can play as a two way midfielder, he could still play a valuable role for the 2010 campaign.

The Dike pick is especially interesting. Many had him pegged as a lower round pick so he is certainly a reach, but he is a big, strong player who has scored goals. Warzycha has quite a collection of bruising forwards who can scrap for goals. I wonder if we will see more of the same winger based offense with goal poaching forwards who can pick up scraps. I can’t say I am looking forward to that.

There is still a lot of guess work, the Crew may not stand pat as they look for a midfielder or a speedy striker. Another pickup at either of these positions will change how this team looks on the field, but today’s draft picks seem to signal more of the same for the Crew offense and if I remember 2009 didn’t end well offensively.

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  1. What is soccer?? permalink
    January 15, 2010 8:27 am

    Bright Dike is the best name in the history of the world. Could only possibly be bested if Bright married (in Connecticut) Dilly and he became Dilly Dike.
    Oh, soccer, why fore art thee not more popular? The humor the world is missing out on!

    • January 15, 2010 8:34 am

      Perhaps that is soccer’s growth strategy, more and more unusual names that people can make fun of. It’s a risky strategy. I am sure opposing team’s existing fans are already thinking of ways to make fun of Duka and Dike and their unusual names. Perhaps there may be some that they haven’t heard before.

  2. What is soccer?? permalink
    January 19, 2010 9:32 am

    If only there was a Guldan in the Dike/Dilly threesome! Oh, think of the possibilities!!

    By the way, it says 3 responses, yet I only see 2. What up yo? Censorship is so middle ages.


  1. Who the Dilly Duka is Bright Dike? - - The Offside - Columbus Crew MLS Soccer Blog

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