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Crew Camp Opens

January 27, 2010

And someone besides Mitchell shows up. Matt Bernhard of the Examiner got the inside scoop from yesterday’s first training session and even got an interview with Bright Dike. Thanks to Mr. Bernhard, I get a nice little picture of Day 1 of the 2010 Crew.

Of note, the Crew has brought in a few trialists in an effort to improve the team. It sounds like the team is still trying to shore up it’s two biggest weaknesses from last season, striker and central midfield. Midfielders Yevgen Bredun and Hugo Acosta only cost a plane ticket and room and board. It’s a cheap price for the Crew to possibly solve it’s central midfield problem. It’s also interesting to hear that there are a couple Discovery tagged strikers joining the team in Florida.

On another note, is interesting to hear that the staff is still looking to shuffle the team up a bit. There are some trialists in, but it also sounds like Warzycha is trying to shake up some of the complacency. I actually like what he is doing. The 2010 Crew looks a lot like a championship contender without any additions, but this is the third year with essentially the same team. A level of fatigue sets in; bringing in some competition will help sharpen everybody.

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