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Massive Move

February 15, 2010

I have been working on An American Game for over two years now. I initially started writing for myself. I already watched a lot of soccer so I thought I would write about it too. After a slow and unfocused start, I really started feeling comfortable throughout the 2008 season. At the same time, more readers started following the blog. I wasn’t necessarily writing just for myself, but for the first time, I had an audience.

From this new audience, new opportunities arose. I never looked for opportunities beyond writing here, but at the beginning of 2009, Walker Evans at Columbus Underground was looking for a chance to extend the sports coverage at CU and a few of my readers recommended me. It was certainly a new and challenging experience. I had to learn to write for a different audience, but it also gave me the chance to work for a bigger organization. I still could write what I wanted and I got the chance to peer behind the curtain and work as a member of the “working press”

I have met some really amazing people since I started this blog. I have had a chance to talk to some of my readers. I met prolific talents like ace photographer Sam Fahmi of Studio79 fame, the Crew’s ever helpful media duo of Dave Stephany and Jason Smith, and Notebook guru Steve Sirk.

It’s from these great relationships that the next chapter of An American Game takes shape. The blog as it is will be ending by the end of the month. I have received and accepted an offer to move to a new Crew centered site called The Massive Report. I will be joining a team of writers and photographers that are dedicated to bringing unparalleled coverage of Crew soccer.

I am extremely excited about working with such a great group and am excited to see the shape that the new site takes.

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