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New Media: The Jed Zayner All-Stars

February 15, 2010

I, like nearly everyone else, has been enjoying Jed Zayner’s new blog. From backup defender to online face of the Crew, Jed Zayner is fast becoming a new media star. It’s his personality that makes it different than the usual “practice is hard” and “my teammates are great” banality of team sponsored blogs.

I have been lucky to spend time around the team and the blog translates the character of the players extremely well. The mannerisms and peculiarities of modern athletes are on full display and allow a sense about how close knit they have become. I really think the key is that Zayner himself is curating a look into the world of MLS:

Oh yeah and yes I did type all the blog posts. I had the guys talk about whatever they wanted and if they needed I would ask them questions to encourage their creative thinking. I would pinpoint certain juicy subjects I know I liked and you all would like.

Zayner’s “editorial vision” gets the best stories and really allows the players to say what’s on their minds. The normally buttoned down Guillermo will joke around with his new friends, Robbie and Steve. Andy Iro lets his frustrations slip concerning MLS salaries. Gino Padula indulges fans and teammates alike to dress up like a pirate, complete with cracker earing.

Not content to merely conduct some top notch ethnography, the Zayner blog also trafficked in a bit of breaking a bit of news by announcing the signing of Sergio Herrera a couple hours early. Jed Zayner has inside access and is not afraid to use it.

It’s not surprising that the outgoing Zayner . He started Filleo a community service non profit a couple of years ago. He is a frequent guest on The Short Corner podcast. At team events, he is more than willing to talk to fans or sign autographs as long as there are people to see him. He is a very energetic and positive force.

I will be interested to see how long he is able to keep up as the season approaches. There is always a chance that the team or the league could place more restrictions on him (I do understand that the Crew front office staff are some of his most loyal readers), but I do hope that he continues to bring an unvarnished lo0k at the life of an MLS professional, both off and on the field.

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  1. Missionary permalink
    February 15, 2010 9:22 pm

    Recall last year Chad had a blog for short while but it fizzled out. Lets see how long this one goes. It appears there is good locker room chemistry currently. I am hoping the coach does not mess with that.

    Pat, what has happend to your links to other soccer blogs etc? Has format changed?

  2. February 15, 2010 10:10 pm

    I hope that Jed keeps going. He certainly has the right personality for it. As far as the links, they should be to the right side, but just under the twitter status. I divided it between Crew blogs and other soccer blogs.

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