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The One Pregame Article for US v. SVN

June 17, 2010

There are plenty of good writers breaking down the World Cup. Getting behind the scenes with the team or breaking down possible lineups. You could spend all day reading top quality writing about the US, but I suggest if you only have time for one, you check out Jonathan Wilson’s take on tomorrow’s US v. Slovenia game.

He is familiar with the US, but knows Eastern European soccer like no other. His style is direct and he gets the point across. He also has a flair for breaking down the tactical edges for either teams:

The probability is that the center will be crowded on Friday, with all eight midfielders and possibly Dedic battling in the same space. It’s likely to be attritional and unpleasant, a battle of will as much as ability. There won’t be any sweeping 20-pass flurries or brilliant slaloming dribbles; aesthetes should probably turn away. Art, though, comes in many guises, and just because it isn’t beautiful doesn’t mean it isn’t soccer.

It looks like US fans are in for a nail-biting game pitting two fairly evenly matched teams. The kind that one spark of ingenuity (i.e. Torres in midfield?) will make the difference. I highly recommend that you read the whole thing.

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